Gavin McGuire

Digital Strategist

Gavin sees narratives and stories wherever he looks — especially across the digital landscape. Innately curious, he is fascinated by the ways in which brands are telling the story of who they are and what they do. With a background in social enterprise, museums, and even major league baseball, he is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in digital storytelling, no matter the industry.

An optimist by nature, Gavin is passionate about brands and organizations that are trying to do good in the world. When people are motivated by a mission, the heart and soul that creates makes telling genuine, compelling stories all the easier.

Born and raised in Maryland, Gavin is also a graduate of the University of Maryland and an obviously proud Marylander. Upon graduation, Gavin made the short move into Washington, DC and has been living in the District ever since. He recently became a fiancé and cannot wait for the big day in April 2019. In his free time, Gavin is a practicing yogi (namaste), an avid sports fan, and a craft beer appreciator.