How to be AWESOME!… at least with B2B Social Media Marketing

Who doesn’t want to be awesome? No, I’m not talking about the theme song to “The Lego Movie” or a popularity contest. I mean how companies (or brands, or marketers) can use B2B social media marketing to connect with audiences in a very competitive, digital world. Technology is constantly evolving; and with it, the way people consume content.

Now, B2B social media marketing isn’t just a tool used to connect people to each other, but also as a way for people to connect with information. Lots and lots of information. Studies show that on average, Americans consume more than 10 hours of content a day and that number is growing. With this influx of news, advertising and content overload – how do you break through and stand out?

That’s the million dollar question companies have to ask themselves.

I recently attended xPotomac, a conference where we discussed how digital impacts business today, specifically in the world of communications. I learned a lot of valuable lessons from industry experts, including Mark Schaefer, author of The Content Code. Mark spoke about the power of getting your target audience to not only engage with your content but to share it. He compared a “like” on social media to just a pat on the head, and sharing as “organic advocacy,” since the user is essentially saying “I believe in this and you should too.”

Therefore, when creating a content strategy one must understand how and why content moves. Mark sited three main reasons why people share content:

1 – It’s an extension of their identity (to look cool).

2 – It’s an act of generosity (to help others in a small way).

3 – It’s from a source they believe in (a fan of the content creator).

People share content because there is an emotion there (awe, surprise and humor to name a few). A successful company or brand is one that is able to tell their story in a way that people can connect to.

When consumers hear the name of your company or brand, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The answer to that question is indicative of not only how strong your brand message is, but if your audience can identify with it. Your messaging should be clear, concise and most importantly, unique. The content that you share should be a direct reflection of that. It may sound simple, but if more companies thought about this for sharing content, they would see more measurable results with their B2B social media marketing. The key isn’t just figuring out how to reach target audiences, but how to get them engaged.

You do that by building “shareability” into your content. Mechanically throwing out your values, mission and beliefs to an audience and hoping it sticks isn’t going to work. Strategic content creation is not about quantity–it’s about quality, human connection and providing the right information at the right time.

What matters to your target audience? How can you create value? Is it creative and have personality? Figure out how to align your content with what will resonate with their needs, motivations, and interests and over time you will not only connect to them but build trust and eventually, loyalty.


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