August Industry Trends Report

August 2018 digital marketing & public relations news

How is it the end of August already? For most of you, it’s probably burning hot wherever you are. Some of you might be tuned out because you’re on vacation, or maybe you’re just getting back on the grind. There are plenty of interesting trends to report on in the communications, digital marketing, and public relations spheres this summer. Here are our top picks.

What’s new on social media in August 2018?

  • Worried you’re spending too much time on social media? Facebook and Instagram will soon let you set a daily limit to keep yourself in check.
  • WhatsApp’s 1.5 billion users will now be able to tap into new features including 4 person video chat.
  • Staying with video, another interesting new launch is a feature that Facebook added to Messenger: augmented reality games for video chats. Two games are available for now with more to come: “Asteroids Attack asks you to steer a spaceship around obstacles with your nose, while Don’t Smile is a version of the classic staring contest for the smartphone era. Future additions will include Beach Bump (bouncing a ball between players) and Kitten Kraze (matching cats).”
New Virtual Reality Games from Facebook
  • Facebook is taking on Tinder. The number of dating apps and their usage is up across the board with no signs of slowing down. According to Zuckerberg, there are 200 million “single” Facebook users. That sounds like a solid user base to tap into to launch a dating feature. Curious about how Facebook dating will work? Check out this video.
  • Some analysts estimate that we might have reached “peak social”, meaning that many platforms have reached their maximum number of users. This week Snapchat announced that it had lost three million daily active users at a rate of one million per month. This is in line with what Facebook and Twitter have been reporting. Part aftermath of recent controversies and part market saturation means social networks are going to have to battle for the existing pool of active users. Instagram and LinkedIn, however, are the two networks that are still showing good growth.
  • In fact, LinkedIn reached a major milestone: 575 million users. LinkedIn’s growth continues. It took them under 16 months to add 75 million users. LinkedIn’s unmatched professional database means it’s not always competing directly against the likes of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter as much as these platforms are competing against each other. As the company continues to expand in high-population markets, we expect LinkedIn to continue seeing healthy growth numbers.
  • It’s hard not to see the rise and the growing popularity of voice-enabled technology over the past few years with Siri, Alexa, Bixby and Google voice searches. In fact, over 20% of Google searches come from voice commands. We can expect users will increasingly get comfortable with primarily using voice search in the years to come. It seems Snapchat has taken note because they just revealed that their latest lenses react to audible keywords: say “love” and little hearts will pop up on your screen.

Apple is a Trillion dollar company.

After the iPhone giant’s new share price hit $207.05, it valued the company at $1 trillion. That is 12 zeros!

Apple is known for building beautiful products that are extremely user-centric. The iPod in the early 2000’s and the iPhone in the mid-2000’s largely defined their respective product categories which set the pace and direction for the rest of the industry. Remarkably though, from a technological standpoint, Apple’s products are in fact not particularly earth-shattering when compared to other products available in the market. Their products are also priced significantly higher than their competitors.

So how did they become the world’s highest valued company by beating virtually every competitor out there?

Apple’s success is due in no small part to its marketing and communications efforts. Apple’s success reminds us that building a meaningful brand is everything. Apple has managed to reach all social classes by focusing on the user and seldom using fancy tech jargon about product specs. Their messaging is meant to be understood by people of all ages and backgrounds. This, combined with their very attractive and user-friendly products, has allowed them to build a very loyal customer base with devoted brand ambassadors who purchase Apple products as a way of life.

When the iPhone X was launched at a retail price of over $1,000, some critics argued they would lose their lowest income followers. Fast forward eight months and they have just reported record sales.

Apple Think Different.


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