August Trends Report

As a new season is upon, Proof would like to give an update on industry trends to look out for.

Logo Love: How to Nail Your Visual Identity

Logos are among the most critical aspects of brand identity. They are how you are known in the world, and should be immediately recognizable to your audiences. When designing a logo, start by thinking about what you want to convey. Take some time to really nail down your brand voice, and to determine what feelings you are […]

So You “Swiped Right” and Signed a Contract With an Agency. Now What?

Has the spark between you and your agency fizzled? Maintaining a professional partnership can be bumpy at times, but don’t breakup with your agency just yet! Here are a few tricks to keeping the love alive for all parties involved. If you want to improve your client-agency relationship, then look no further! Managing expectations When […]

No complacency here – we’re uncomfortable all the time.

BRUCE MACLELLAN | PROOF MARCH 6, 2018 We’ve been talking about the imperative to change and evolve at our agency for almost a decade now. The message to our team members is to be uncomfortable and push your self to try new things and add new skills. As we did this, we continued to grow at a healthy rate […]

Why You Shouldn’t Hire a New Head of Digital to Lead Your Digital Transformation

Over the last five years, we’ve seen a big push for digital transformation. This is especially true as different markets race to be the most innovative, the most tech savvy, and meet users’ needs while still creating efficiencies that impact the bottom line. What started as a push led by the retail industry ––  simplifying […]

The Lost Art of Good Writing…Thanks to Digital

In our fast-paced, digital society, writing and communication as we know them have changed. In-person conversations are becoming rarer, as we all turn to platforms and devices to communicate with each other. Think about all of the times you’ve sent emails to co-workers with a quick question or clarification, instead of just walking to their […]

May Industry Trends Report

The public relations and digital marketing industries are constantly changing. Whether its new tools, technological advances or industry trends and news, there is always something to learn. That’s why Proof Strategies will be providing a monthly list of top tips for PR and marketing trends to keep you up-to-date. Keep reading for May’s top trending […]

The UnAgency: Why It’s Important to Consolidate Your Agencies

For far too long, we have played  an agency /client dating game, because really, the relationship is not dissimilar from dating. From the initial chemistry meeting, when you first meet your agency, you notice things you have in common – what you like about each other, how you challenge each other to be better versions […]