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October Industry Trends Report

October 2018 Digital Marketing and Public Relations News As the temperature, color of leaves and season begin to change, the ever dynamic landscape of public relations continues to change with it. If you are like me and have been busy soaking up these last bits of summer, then you’ve found keeping up with the latest … Continued

I Stand With Nike. Especially Now.

Why do we stand with Nike and Colin Kaepernick? American football fans are like no other studied consumer group. They love their football team. They love America. And they do not like it when someone or something threatens that world order. Enter Nike and Colin Kaepernick. In the last few days, after the new Nike … Continued

August Industry Trends Report

August 2018 digital marketing & public relations news How is it the end of August already? For most of you, it’s probably burning hot wherever you are. Some of you might be tuned out because you’re on vacation, or maybe you’re just getting back on the grind. There are plenty of interesting trends to report … Continued

Why Earned Media Is Relationship Building 101

In today’s rapidly changing news cycle, how do you develop high quality, lasting relationships with journalists? It can be helpful to think of creating meaningful relationships with journalists just as you would go about making a friend or forming a romantic relationship. Don’t worry I’m not suggesting an expensive wine and dine approach. At its … Continued

July Industry Trends Report

Summer is in full swing and the communications industry is as dynamic as ever.  From the largest global sporting event holding a firm grasp on public attention to the debate over which social media platform can give advertisers a better return on investment, Proof Strategies is here to break down the latest news and trends … Continued

#TechGirls Take Proof by Storm

For the second consecutive year, Proof Strategies was thrilled to partner with Synoptos to advance the rights of women and girls and promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education! Our office hosted three incredibly accomplished young women from the State Department-sponsored TechGirls exchange program last week. The three teens: 15 year-old Joanna Kawwa from … Continued