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Data Privacy in the Digital Age

This past March, the New York Times broke the news that data firm Cambridge Analytica had harvested data from millions of unknowing Facebook users in order to influence political campaigns. The scandal garnered instant reactions from Facebook users and politicians that sparked a conversation about data privacy. These conversations and the resulting regulations (or lack … Continued

The Highs and Lows of Hiring: How to Land a Communications Job

It’s no secret that trends in the job market change from year to year. So what exactly is it like to hire employees in 2018? What should job searchers seek in a potential employer?  At our recent DC Communicators event, our panel of industry experts dove into the highs and the lows of recruiting. We … Continued

What’s Different About the Parkland Shooting?

On February 14, 2018, news broke that a gunman was on the loose at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school. In the aftermath, students at Stoneman Douglas were left to cope with the reality that 17 of their classmates had died from gun violence. At first, the tragedy seemed like another notch in the flag post … Continued

June Industry Trends Report

Want to know what’s going on in the communications, digital marketing and public relations industries this June? Check out what’s going on with Facebook, how Millenials and Gen Z consume traditional TV and what you should be doing with your data below. Industry Trends and News Facebook’s back in hot water for data sharing. According … Continued

Social Media Necessities: Authenticity, Attraction, and Anecdotes

Last month, the Proof Strategies team headed to one of the largest social media gatherings in the United States, The Social Shake-Up, to embark on the quest of crafting the perfect tweet, driving the ultimate online engagement, and garnering the best ROI for our paid social advertisements. The three-day conference was focused on the intersection … Continued

How to Recruit Top Talent in the Communications Field

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” – Steve Jobs, Apple As leaders in the communications field – regardless if we’re agency, nonprofit, or Fortune 500 – we need exceptional talent to meet our business goals. … Continued

The UnAgency: Why It’s Important to Consolidate Your Agencies

For far too long, we have played  an agency /client dating game, because really, the relationship is not dissimilar from dating. From the initial chemistry meeting, when you first meet your agency, you notice things you have in common – what you like about each other, how you challenge each other to be better versions … Continued

May Industry Trends Report

The public relations and digital marketing industries are constantly changing. Whether its new tools, technological advances or industry trends and news, there is always something to learn. That’s why Proof Strategies will be providing a monthly list of top tips for PR and marketing trends to keep you up-to-date. Keep reading for May’s top trending … Continued

The Lost Art of Good Writing…Thanks to Digital

In our fast-paced, digital society, writing and communication as we know them have changed. In-person conversations are becoming rarer, as we all turn to platforms and devices to communicate with each other. Think about all of the times you’ve sent emails to co-workers with a quick question or clarification, instead of just walking to their … Continued

No complacency here – we’re uncomfortable all the time.

BRUCE MACLELLAN | PROOF MARCH 6, 2018 We’ve been talking about the imperative to change and evolve at our agency for almost a decade now. The message to our team members is to be uncomfortable and push your self to try new things and add new skills. As we did this, we continued to grow at a healthy rate … Continued

So You “Swiped Right” and Signed a Contract With an Agency. Now What?

Has the spark between you and your agency fizzled? Maintaining a professional partnership can be bumpy at times, but don’t breakup with your agency just yet! Here are a few tricks to keeping the love alive for all parties involved. If you want to improve your client-agency relationship, then look no further! Managing expectations When … Continued

How to Use ‘Design Thinking’ to Help Businesses Connect

As consultants, we help businesses overcome challenges and innovate beyond them. But there’s no “one size fits all” approach to every problem. That’s why we must always be empathetic to the experiences and perceptions of our clients, and their audience. This approach to client services is called design thinking. As Kelly Chmielewski, founder of The … Continued

Four Key Elements of Design Thinking

We have an expression in the office: “How did I surprise or delight a client today?” After all, that’s what they pay us to do. They ASSUME we can do the work, but how can we do it in a way that surpasses their expectations? One way is to incorporate methods of design thinking. An … Continued

How Can We Redesign Our Thinking?

When it comes to design, we often think of a drawing, or plan, that often pertains to architecture, graphic design or images. Taking this understanding a step further, we can apply design thinking to our daily work to improve results. To learn more about design thinking, we spoke with Kelly Chmielewski, CEO of The Possibility … Continued

Telling a Story With Metrics: How Do You Explain Metrics to Stakeholders?

By now, you may already know: data is integral to understanding the success of a media campaign. However, what may come as a challenge is how to tell stakeholders the story behind the data. What might be clear to you is not always easily understood by those who are not involved in the day-to-day communications activities … Continued