Convening Corporate Leaders with the National Association of Corporate Directors

The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) enlisted Proof Strategies to develop and execute an influencer marketing campaign designed to increase attendance to the annual Global Board Leaders’ Summit by 20 percent, from 800 attendees to 1000.


Already a leader in educating and convening high-profile board leaders, NACD sought to leverage its wide network of corporate directors to reach more first time attendees, increase attendance, and also grow Summit’s diversity.


To meet these objectives, Proof Strategies developed a plan to leverage key influencers in videos and articles to secure repeat attendees, broaden the reach of NACD among potential first time attendees, and highlight the overall value of attending Summit. Proof developed a content marketing strategy to leverage influential figures and distribute these videos across NACD’s website as well as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, driving attendees to register for the Summit.

Proof used the following tactics to promote the NACD Summit and increase the number of attendees:

  • Conducted digital audits (web and social properties) to identify key groups of influencers;
  • Created four promotional Summit videos;
  • Created a content marketing strategy and editorial calendar for article and video distribution;
  • Distributed custom outreach to influencers requesting collaboration prior to event;
  • Interviewed influencers to gain background for articles;
  • Wrote and distributed articles for five influencers; and
  • Created social media copy to promote videos and influencer articles on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


As a result of Proof’s influencer marketing campaign nearly every influencer contacted agreed collaborate on the campaign – at no financial cost to the client.

To date, Proof Strategies has created four videos, written five articles, influencer email outreach copy, and dozens of social media posts on behalf of select influencers and promoted their video and article content on targeted social media channels. NACD can repurpose all of this content as future promotional content again and again.

Proof reached NACD’s target 20 percent increase as early as August, two months before the October 2017 event, leading up to what will be the largest number of attendees in NACD’s history.

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