FINCA Impact Finance: Impact For Good

FINCA Impact Finance’s network of 20 community-based microfinance institutions and banks that use fintech innovation to expand financial inclusion by offering innovative, responsible and impactful financial services to low-income clients in some of the world’s most challenging markets from Afghanistan to Zambia.


The financial services market is being profoundly disrupted by the Fintech revolution. The traditional, high-touch microfinance model is no longer sustainable, and as a result, individuals in developing countries, as well as more saturated markets, are no longer settling for traditional banking services that aren’t well suited to their needs. Customization is the key.

To accommodate this shifting landscape, FINCA Impact Finance was created in January 2017 as a separate company from its majority shareholder, not-for-profit FINCA International. In only 18 months, the organization transitioned from a not-for-profit operating at a loss to a for-profit network of commercial banks. FINCA Impact Finance wanted to showcase this turnaround and increase the organization’s visibility as a profitable, innovative commercial bank. FINCA Impact Finance’s majority shareholder, FINCA International was well-known but the new commercial arm of the organization was lacking brand recognition.


FINCA Impact Finance engaged Proof Strategies to increase visibility of the brand among global business and financial press. Proof Strategies developed a comprehensive, proactive and aggressive media outreach plan to increase the organization’s profile with a focus on the female CEO and her overall strategic vision for the organization. Included in our outreach, topics around Andrée Simon, president and CEO, included highlighting her experience as a female executive in a male-dominated industry, her change management strategy for the business’ redesign, and how she approaches managing a global organization with operations in 20 countries. Similarly, we articulated a corporate narrative around the organization’s remarkable turnaround. Pitches were customized based on the individual reporter, outlet and FINCA Impact Finance spokesperson. Outreach offering interviews with CFO were tailored to financial and business press and highlighted the operational and technical changes that were put in place during the transition.


Between April and August 2018, Proof Strategies secured media opportunities for FINCA Impact Finance in numerous banking and financial publications, amounting to a total of 8.2 million impressions. Secured coverage and backgrounders included the Financial Times, Euromoney Magazine, ImpactAlpha, CFO Magazine, Bank Innovation, Washington Business Journal, Financial Advisor Magazine, American Banker, Authority Magazine and Business.com.

The Proof team secured an op-ed placement by Andrée Simon on the top trends shaping financial services in emerging markets in International Banker. In addition, Andrée was featured in business-focused podcasts, including a podcast focused on women in fintech and the future of work. As a result of this new media attention and Proof’srelationships in the finance space, Andrée Simon was featured as one of Bank Innovation’s top executives shaping the future of banking.

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