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Key Tactics

Executive Thought Leadership


FINCA Impact Finance (FIF), a global microfinance institution that works to provide access to underserved communities, needed to amplify its brand and the innovative leadership of its President and CEO Andrée Simon, one of the few female leaders in the financial services industry.


Proof developed a comprehensive and proactive media outreach plan to increase the organization’s profile with a focus on Andrée’s thought leadership and the innovation of the organization’s fintech solutions. Proof first developed key messages and identified media stakeholders to customize pitches to reach a broad scope of reporters. Proof conducted outreach to financial, policy, and business press while highlighting the transitional changes at FIF and incorporating a trendspotting strategy to monitor developments in emerging markets.


Proof’s tailored approach resulted in a large number of substantive media mentions across a diverse set of outlets:

  • Secured media opportunities in numerous banking and financial publications, amounting to a total of 8.2 million impressions.
  • Secured an op-ed placement by Andrée Simon in International Banker.
  • Andrée was also featured in business-focused podcasts and was highlighted as one of Bank Innovations’ top executives.
  • Coverage includes Financial Times, Euromoney Magazine, ImpactAlpha, CFO Magazine, Bank Innovation, Washington Business Journal, Financial Advisor Magazine, American Banker, Authority Magazine, and ForbesWomen, among others.

FINCA Impact

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