Inner City-Inner Child Fills the Shelf

Literacy paves the way to success, but not every child gets the same opportunity to succeed. Inner City-Inner Child (ICIC) is a D.C.-based nonprofit providing low-income preschool children with early learning/arts-integrated experiences, putting them on the path to literacy.


Nonprofits in Washington, D.C. face fierce competition when it comes to fundraising, as some of the nation’s most renowned organizations are headquartered in the city. Raising money is the most critical need for most small nonprofits, and ICIC needed to create a call-to-action to garner support for its initiatives.


To help Inner City-Inner Child stand out and raise money for their programming, Proof Strategies proposed a Giving Tuesday campaign, capitalizing on a nationally recognized day of action to provide greater visibility of ICIC while also generating funds for the organization. The “Fill the Shelf” campaign evolved to help the organization raise $5000.

Best practices in online donation campaigns reveal that donors give more when they can see the direct impact of their donations. To that end, we developed a campaign strategy and tactics that would illustrate the impact of a donation. As a result, we referenced statistics and used informational messages such as “$20 can give a child a backpack full of books” as well as other compelling narratives.

Finally, we created a bookshelf image designed to highlight each $50 benchmark in donations. A new book appeared on the bookshelf with each $50 increment. Updating the visuals as the campaign progressed kept audiences informed of ICIC’s progress and emphasized the purpose of the campaign.


Inner City-Inner Child exceeded their goal of $5,000, raising enough money to fill more than 10 preschool classrooms with books.  Additionally, the campaign was successful at raising the organization’s profile. The ICIC website enjoyed increased activity including:

  • 249% increase in website visits during the campaign’s life cycle, as compared to month prior
  • 147% increase in in sessions
  • Bounce rate decreased by 46.4%
  • Average session duration increased by 110%

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