Keolis Thought Leadership

Key Tactics

Content Development, Securing Media Placements


To build up Keolis’ image as a thought leader in the industry with special focus on the new CEO and VP, Proof produced 3 pieces of content per month for Keolis with the goal of securing 1 monthly media placement.


Proof’s approach to content development was to use a variety of formats, including: 1 byline/contributed article, 1 blog post, and 1 alternate piece of content for media relations (such as a Q&A, LTE, or op-ed) each month. After a thorough review process with Keolis, Proof developed targeted media lists and conducted media pitching to relevant outlets to secure placement of the deliverable. While this process took place, Proof simultaneously conducted proactive media pitching to garner relationships for potential future placement while tracking upcoming trends that would be of interest to Keolis.


Within 4 months of starting the scope of work, Proof was able to:

  • Secure 3 media placements
  • Secure permanent placement for a 3-part series by the CEO in METRO Magazine
  • Build new relationships with key editors at 3 of the highest-reach trade outlets
  • Make significant inroads into key local markets in which Keolis operated, increasing its visibility as a leader on equity in transit, accessibility and more


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