Mastercard Foundation Young Africa Works

Key Tactics

Research, Strategy, Paid Digital Advertising, Content Creation, and Testing


The $4B Mastercard Foundation is the single largest contributor to education on the continent of Africa, but its brand mission needed to change with the dire need of job creation.  According to the International Monetary Fund, population growth on the continent means that by 2035, there will be more young Africans entering the workforce each year than in the rest of the world combined. Therefore the Mastercard Foundation wanted to build a framework for an Africa-wide brand change campaign to reduce poverty by promoting its new strategy to employ 30 million young people by 2030.


After partnering with Ipsos Research in Africa on a detailed benchmarking message analysis, Proof developed a multipronged strategy for the Foundation’s Kenyan audience with paid and organic social media content and influencer engagement. Proof developed an integrated communications plan for the four core audiences—government policymakers, private sector, funders/partners, and African youth—by raising awareness of the Foundation’s country programming and initiatives. Proof also developed and tested the creative content to bring their new strategy to life.


Through paid social campaigns, Proof maximized Mastercard Foundation’s social media advertising budget to reach its core audiences while achieving the following ROI:

  • Over 3.2K comments were received and responded to over the course of the campaign
  • 35% of visitors scrolled to the bottom of the Young Africa Works Kenya webpage
  • Influencer reached a total potential audience of 2.4M
  • A 2.8% increase in followers in Kenya

Mastercard Foundation Africa Works

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