Pact’s Internal Surveying & Message Development

Key Tactics

Internal Surveying, Message Testing, Competitor Audit


Pact’s global, multifaceted work required a robust and multilayered messaging strategy to accurately reflect and deliver the value proposition of its programs and services and motivate key audiences to partner with Pact.


Upon conducting an internal employee survey and audit of four of Pact’s competitors, Proof developed a messaging strategy and marketing collateral that leveraged the organization’s expertise and value-add that was responsive to market needs. Proof provided a messaging strategy and a more effective approach of telling the Pact story so that it was easily understandable and appealed to a range of targeted audiences across multiple sectors, primarily in the CSR, ESG, and philanthropic spaces.


Proof delivered a go-to-market strategy that would reposition the company and was incredibly well-received by the client. The strategy included:

  • 3 audience personas developed for Pact: employees & recruiting, USG and private sector.
  • A 5-phase audience journey that encompassed earned, owned, and paid content that details audience insights, messaging, and creative that will activate Pact’s 3 target audiences with measurable results along each phase of the user journey.
  • 1 content calendar that was adopted immediately by Pact for planning and tracking.

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