The Asia Society

In addition to being one of New York City’s major museum and cultural icons, The Asia Society is a leading global non-profit, non-partisan educational organization dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and strengthening relationships between the U.S. and people, institutions, and leaders of Asia. The Center for Global Education at Asia Society transforms the K-12 curriculum to be more globally focused through educators implementing its proprietary Global School Design framework.


In response to a need for global thinkers to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues, the Center for Global Education developed a proprietary Global School Design framework to increase global competence in students, teachers, and administrators. Over the last five years, the Center for Global Education began implementing this framework through school partnerships funded by government grants. With funding for this program drying up, the Center for Global Education at Asia Society had to reassess its business model and marketing strategies to ensure that schools would continue to see a need for its services.


Because Proof Strategies is one of the leading nonprofit communications firms in DC, the Center for Global Education at Asia Society called Proof Strategies to rethink their strategy.

But in order to define a new marketing approach, Proof needed to conduct a thorough research program into almost all facets of the organization’s business model, sales process, and marketing efforts. First, Proof Strategies developed a qualitative phone survey conducted with current and potential customers to better understand the unique selling points of the Global School Design framework. Second, Proof Strategies spearheaded a competitive analysis of both for-profit and non-profit third-party education curriculum providers. The Proof Strategies team then conducted a marketing and communications audit of current efforts by the Center for Global Education.


The insights drawn from this three-pronged research effort indicated that the Center for Global Education had to significantly overhaul its product and digital marketing strategies to remain competitive. Proof Strategies completely reimagined the Global School Design’s product marketing strategy, which included gamifying a school’s, educator’s, or administrator’s progression in terms of global competence education. Similarly, Proof Strategies overhauled the organization’s marketing collateral based on the unique selling points and market advantages exposed in the customer surveys. Finally, Proof Strategies made key user experience recommendations to ensure a streamlined process of converting website traffic into sales.

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