The MasterCard Foundation: Symposium on Financial Inclusion

The MasterCard Foundation is an organization committed to financial inclusion, scholarship, and entrepreneurship in Africa. Its mission is to advance education and financial inclusion to catalyze prosperity in developing countries


When Proof Strategies first started working with the MasterCard Foundation, it was considered the largest foundation that nobody has ever heard of, having committed US$1.9 billion to education, financial inclusion, and skills training for work. The MasterCard Foundation was looking to stand out among other philanthropic organizations like the Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation.

With a competitive philanthropic market, The MasterCard Foundation was interested in differentiating itself globally, particularly through its Symposium on Financial Inclusion.


Proof launched a traditional media campaign to drive attention towards the event and The MasterCard Foundation as a result. Our tactics included:

  • Creating media lists that included fintech reporters, global development outlets, and philanthropy trades.
  • Proof shared an infographic, press release, and background materials about the Symposium and Clients at the Centre prize.
  • Two press releases were sent out on the BusinessWire
  • Invited relevant reporters to attend the Symposium in Africa.


Our direct pitching about the event resulted in 23 mentions in the media for the Foundation, which totaled to an estimated potential reach of 12.5 Million people.

Additionally, the distribution of the first press release about the event created 27,981 headline impressions, 3,366 total views, 1,790 of which were generated within the first 24 hours of the press release’s distribution. The second press release about the event generated 28,046 impressions,  and 4,207 total views.

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