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June Industry Trends Report

As we dive into summer, we’d like everyone to remain up-to-date on what’s trending in the communications and marketing industry. This month, we discuss recent findings in artificial intelligence, digital health and innovative updates to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Pride on Social Pride month ends this weekend and social media did not disappoint with posts … Continued

5 Ways to Use Google Analytics to Help Your Brand

At Proof Strategies, we’re not just shooting in the dark when it comes to making communications recommendations to our clients. Our approach is driven by measurable results tied to a client’s specific business objectives, and Google Analytics is one of the ways we get that information. Integrating this data into everything we do, allows us … Continued

March Industry Trends Report

With spring right around the corner, we are here to remind you why you love the dynamic landscape of social media. This month, we focus on major updates and fixes to our favorite social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Why Am I Seeing This Ad? Why am I seeing this ad? It’s a … Continued

The Importance of Investing in Community: A Proof Strategies Case Study

Investing in a well-established network is key when starting, building or expanding your professional career. Your network, comprised of colleagues, mentors, peers or a mixture all three, is a connection of relationships that you’ve been able to cultivate throughout the years. But it also gives you an opportunity to work together and give something back. … Continued

What’s Up With WhatsApp?

It’s official! Advertising is coming to WhatsApp, and with it, an opportunity to reach some of the messaging platform’s billion plus users. Already, Facebook has introduced an ad-unit in Facebook News Feed that allows a user to start a direct 1-to-1 WhatsApp conversation, but marketing professionals should be more excited about the changes coming next, … Continued

January Industry Trends Report

If you’re looking for your husband, you might find him in the department store. In a new year with new trends, 2019 is already showing a shift in the public relations and marketing industry, from who’s doing the shopping, to a growing theme of brand social activism as yet another government shutdown looms. Read on … Continued

Digital Jargon Turned Offline Lingo

As digital and internet culture continues to grow, our societal and cultural norms become increasingly entrenched in the online world. In fact, in September, Merriam-Webster added more than 840 new entries, and, unsurprisingly, many stem from the digital realm. Digital Words in the Offline World These new words have seeped their way from the online … Continued

Sometimes Budget Problems Are the Best Problems

Make Surplus Time the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Does this describe you? All year you meticulously plan, scrimp, cut hours, draft detailed scopes and project management templates to maximize your budget and minimize inefficiency. Then you get a call that a sudden windfall has landed in your lap, but there are conditions. You … Continued

December Industry Trends Report

December 2018 Digital Marketing and Public Relations News December brings us a number of things – a season of giving and cheer, a wave of cold weather for many, and a final opportunity to accomplish yearly goals. This has also been a month filled with innovations in marketing and as we move into 2019, Proof … Continued

Company Culture Through the Eyes of an Account Executive

Cause-Driven Company Culture Devoting 40+ hours a week to a job is a major time commitment, so it’s imperative that employees feel passionate about the work they do. The work environment a company fosters is crucial to employee satisfaction, retention and ultimately the company’s success. When employees feel motivated they can become powerful marketing weapons … Continued

Give the Gift of Learning This Giving Tuesday

At Proof Strategies, our employees value giving back to our local community. We understand the importance of supporting those who strive to make a difference and are always looking for ways to help them succeed. So much so, it’s in our company’s ethos to work with clients who do good. That’s why we support Inner … Continued

November Industry Trends Report

November 2018 Digital Marketing and Public Relations News Now that Halloween is over and many people are looking forward to Christmas, Proof Strategies is here to remind you to not sleep on November! It is the month we vote, honor veterans and celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family. Our November industry trends report breaks down … Continued

October Industry Trends Report

October 2018 Digital Marketing and Public Relations News As the temperature, color of leaves and season begin to change, the ever dynamic landscape of public relations continues to change with it. If you are like me and have been busy soaking up these last bits of summer, then you’ve found keeping up with the latest … Continued

I Stand With Nike. Especially Now.

Why do we stand with Nike and Colin Kaepernick? American football fans are like no other studied consumer group. They love their football team. They love America. And they do not like it when someone or something threatens that world order. Enter Nike and Colin Kaepernick. In the last few days, after the new Nike … Continued

August Industry Trends Report

August 2018 digital marketing & public relations news How is it the end of August already? For most of you, it’s probably burning hot wherever you are. Some of you might be tuned out because you’re on vacation, or maybe you’re just getting back on the grind. There are plenty of interesting trends to report … Continued