Future Impact of Ubertrends and Digital Lifestyle on Communications

When Michael Tchong defined digital as the “marriage of man and machine,” the audience put their phone away and listened.

Sponsored by Proof Strategies, DC Communicators filled the meeting space at George Washington University’s beautiful Textile Museum to hear Social Revolution founder Tchong discuss the future impact of ubertrends and innovation in communication.  As an avid trend watcher, Tchong is on the hunt for innovative ideas in media and encourages others to do the same.  Ubertrends are single trends that not only change the course of technology, but society as a whole.

He focused on five key terms for his presentation: digital lifestyle, being unwired, time compression, innovation and developing an influential strategy.

“The Digital Lifestyle is rewriting the rules of consumer innovation. As technology becomes more tightly interwoven with the fabric of like, you need to appeal to dominant values ruling the world: coverage and convenience,” Tchong said.

A current tool of innovation suggested by the Social Revolution founder was the use of digital lifestyle influencers when creating a media strategy. It is fast becoming the must-have approach when connecting with busy social media users. Tchong recommends extending a social hand to prominent users on digital platforms. In return their brand or cause will be seen by a larger audience.

The average attention span continues to drop daily and technology users want speed and innovation.  If innovation is currently being used as an everyday strategy, marketers and communication professionals should be asking themselves three questions:

  1. Am I producing a product that allows the feeling control?
  2. Can it be done quickly and efficiently?
  3. Will it transform our society?

According to Tchong, even a disruption in the technology culture can provide an opportunity. After all, the greatest innovators of our generation were overlooked due to their unconventional ideas.

DC Communicators will gather once again in November to bring innovative ideas to the world of communicators, this time with regards to how an organization’s website, specifically Search Engine Optimization (SEO) informs their brand and their mission. Can’t wait to see you in the November!


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