Media Relations Guide: How to Get Placed in Top Tier Publications

One well-­placed story can have a huge impact for reaching communications goals. This guide offers digestible guidance.

Excerpt:  Communication professionals who are shifting their focus solely on digital marketing are losing sight of the value that traditional media offers. While any holistic PR strategy must include a digital approach that leverages blogging and social media, it's important to make sure that the core traditional elements are also in place...

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Writing an RFP: Your Guide to Hiring a PR Firm

Your guide to writing an RFP (request for proposal) and hiring a PR firm.

Excerpt: Often the first step in hiring a PR firm is writing an RFP (request for proposal), a formal document that solicits information from agencies in a prescribed format and timeframe. A finely constructed and well-written RFP will generate detailed and meaningful responses from agencies in a consistent layout that allows firms to be compared side-by-side.

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Crisis management in a social media world

How to effectively manage crisis communications with social media 

Excerpt: Traditional crisis management follows the strategy of "owning your story.” You must be able to move quickly to maintain control over how the story of an incident is shared and interpreted. By doing so, you are able to shape how external audiences perceive the performance of your organization.

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Content marketing: A practical field guide

Creating valuable and shareable content to drive action.

Excerpt: The buzz around Content Marketing continues to grow, and so do the growing pains. There’s little doubt that as corporate digital initiatives become less of an experiment and more of the norm, they will face increasing executive scrutiny. Agencies and internal teams alike should brace themselves for tougher cross-examinations about program results and ROI.

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