COVID-19: Communications Response for Businesses and Corporations


  • To assist clients and customers at each stage of the pandemic, and be ready for the next

  • To demonstrate that your business is a trusted advisor

  • To ensure the health of your business to your clients during and after an economic slow down

Purpose of this document:

Provide a framework for planning in each of three stages of the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. ImmediateResponse;
2. Pivot&Adapt; and
3. Recover/Revive.

How it should be used:

While each of your customers is unique, it is possible to cluster them by sectors and challenges throughout the three stages of the pandemic. Similarly, while some customers are maintaining or even growing their relevance and market opportunities as the pandemic takes hold (e.g. pharmacies, online entertainment and learning), others face significant immediate and long term impact (e.g. travel, hospitality, live events). This document provides insight and guidance into consumer mindsets, brand priorities and opportunities at each stage of the pandemic, which should be used to develop client-specific plans.

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