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New research makes it increasingly clear that companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially. Read the full article here.

Facebook has added diversity and inclusion to bi-annual performance reviews for some executives at the vice president level and higher, the company’s Chief Diversity Officer Maxine Williams told CNBC on Wednesday. Read the full article here. 

Only a small number of large companies have tied executive compensation to goals for hiring and promotion of workers from underrepresented groups. Read the full article here. 

Only when people align on what racist behavior looks like will we be able to take practical steps to make those behaviors costly. Read the full article here.

DC Communicators is a network of communications and marketing professionals in the Washington, DC, metro area who are interested in emerging trends in earned, paid and digital media. Founded by Mimi Carter in 2013, the group meets quarterly to network and discuss such trends. Topics for previous events have included fundraising for museums, content marketing, crisis communications, and best practices for social media and the law. 

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