Media Relations Guide: How to Get Placed in Top Tier Publications

In a world of digital communications, does traditional media really matter? Yes, it matters. Perhaps more than ever. Although we’re in the age of blogging and social media, being featured in the traditional media (TV, print and radio) is still tremendously important for informing and influencing a wide variety of audiences, from big to niche. Just one well-­placed story can have a huge impact for reaching communications goals.

Communications professionals who are shifting their focus solely to digital marketing are losing sight of the value that traditional media offers. While any holistic PR strategy must include a digital approach that leverages blogging and social media, it’s important to make sure that the core traditional elements are also in place.

Our Media Relations Guide: How to Get Placed in Top Tier Publications offers digestible guidance on creating your PR strategy.

Over 4 chapters, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of traditional media in a digital world
  • How media monitoring is a major performance indicator of brand health
  • Best practices for building a smart media list
  • How to write a pitch that reporters will read
  • How to conduct long lead pitching

If you’re creating a PR strategy and want to get top tier placements, this guide is a perfect place to start.

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