Register: Crisis Communications in the World of Social Media

Preparing for crisis situations and responding appropriately, across all platforms, can mean the difference between success and failure. A strong crisis communications plan can position an organization as a thought leader. On the other hand, a poorly planned or executed crisis plan can make you the next Darth Vader.

If done correctly, crisis communications can provide a real opportunity for learning and change if an organization is equipped with the right tools to handle them. There are two sides to managing any crisis: planning and response.

We will hear from some of the top leaders in crisis communications to hear real case studies on how they have done both, and how to succeed.  At the same time, we will debunk two crisis communications myths, using Dr. Coombs crisis communications paper as the foundation of the presentation:

  • Myth 1. What we knew about crisis communication should be forgotten because it is no longer valid.
  • Myth 2. Strategy is no longer relevant to crisis communication; it is all about reaction speed and tactics now

Join us on January 26th at the National Building Museum for networking, coffee, and conversation about crisis communications strategies!

Panelists include:

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