Pandemic Response and Building Trust

From Bruce MacLellan, CEO, Proof Inc

As of March 16, more than 200 team members of the entire Proof family of companies began working from home in Canada and the United States. We are in this together and I am proud of the stories I’m hearing of how people are rolling up their sleeves to work together. 

This is not business as usual for our Proof family or for our clients and we need to stay flexible, stay connected, stay well and support each other from a distance.  

We recognize that some are also juggling kids at home or aging parents and need to balance responsibilities – Proof has always said families come first and, as such, we recognize that flexibility will be important. 

We are all working from home.

 Thankfully, the teams here have experience working from home, working odd hours and working to support each other, even when we’re not in crisis. As a result, and through this time of uncertainty, Proof is continuing work for clients, albeit remotely, but no less urgently. Whether its crisis comms, internal stakeholder communications, or public alerts, we thankfully have done this before and have experience in both national and international markets. Cultural sensitivity and awareness are paramount, especially now, and we will continue to do our best to represent our clients with content and creative that is both ethical and authentic in order that they can support their employees, their consumers and their communities.

We’ll continue to do the right thing.

Exceptional times call for exceptional measures. We will monitor the situation closely and follow the latest advice from health authorities. Our business practices are aligned with the latest expert recommendations.

On behalf of all of us, we hope you stay healthy and that we’re all back to business as usual in the near future.

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