The Power of the Podcast: What You Need to Know Before Your Launch Yours

Pictured from left to right is Yodit Solomon (Deux Sol), Ariam Solomon (Deux Sol), Brad Bosserman (POLITICO), Dave Shaw (POLITICO)


DC Communicators

“The Power of the Podcast: What You Need to Know Before You Launch Yours”


February 2019


In one of our latest case studies, we discussed the importance of your network when starting, building or expanding your professional career.  DC Communicators, an event series aimed to do just that – build networks, was founded by Proof US General manager Mimi Carter and connects Washington, DC area communications professionals who are interested in learning more about emerging trends and developments in earned, paid and digital media.


We closed out the month with our latest DC Communicators program entitled  ‘The Power of the Podcast: What You Need to Know Before You Launch Yours’, which explored everything from the challenges to consider when launching one of your own, to the impactful role that internal influencers can play when launching a thought-provoking podcast on behalf of your company. With nearly 63 million current listeners in the U.S., this medium of communication is only increasing in popularity with numbers expected to grow to 132 million listeners in just three years.

Over 100 attendees joined us to hear from POLITICO Audio’s Brad Bosserman and Dave Shaw, and Deux Sol hosts Yodit and Ariam Solomon of Full Service Radio. They shared their challenges, solutions, and lessons learned from their unique perspectives. One, from the standpoint of a well-known media brand and their quest for engaging content, and the other as an independently run show working to build their brand and audience.

When getting started, it’s important to note some of these seemingly obvious initial steps:

(1) Make your show the best it can possibly be.

(2) Start with a great title.

(3) Make sure your equipment is up to snuff.

(4) Use the right hosting service.

(5) Consider making a YouTube video.

(6) Focus on a niche.

(7) Know your audience.

(8) Ask your listeners what they want to hear.

(9) Keep track of what’s being downloaded the most.

(10) Be engaging and interesting.

Some additional steps include:

Create a campaign plan

Have a firm understanding of your campaign goals, creative strategy, flight dates, frequency, audience targets, programming and host alignment desires, offer strategy (offer or no offer), etc.

Know your measurement tools

Measurement is the key to determining success in a podcast advertising campaign. Promo codes, vanity URLs and checkout surveys are some of the three best practices to track when it comes to the success of a campaign.

Understand the difference between ad formats

There are several ways to advertise via an audio format, but knowing the benefits of these four are crucial:

  • Endorsed: This ad format uses podcast hosts and the power of recognition, trust and respect among their audience. They lend their name and personal testimonial to promote a product or service.
  • Non-Endorsed (Produced):  The host, or a non-host, will read copy points provided by the advertiser. The spot is recorded and inserted into the show based on an agreed-upon cadence.
  • Baked-In: The ad lives in the show’s content forever.
  • Dynamic Insertion: Prerecorded reads (host-read or other) that are integrated into the show’s breaks. The ads are inserted on-demand by using a programmatic ad-buying platform. 

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