Our Team


Adrian Gianforti

Senior Account Director

Adrian joined the Proof Strategies team in January 2019 rounding out her tenth year in the PR and communications industry. She’s worked in everything from food safety to SMART cities to disaster preparedness allowing her to “know a little bit about everything,” and mobilize quickly with new clients and build relationships.

Some of her most rewarding experiences came from bringing creative minds, strategic thinkers, and worker bees in the same room to brainstorm new ideas on how to keep things fresh for an organization resulting in award-winning work.  

After living on three continents and traveling around the world, she considers D.C. to be her favorite city of all (Paris a close second). She received her BA in Communications with a minor in Latin American Studies at the University of Pittsburgh and MA in Global Communications from the American University of Paris (AUP). She was honored to be the recipient of AUP’s 2014 Valedictorian Award for Outstanding Scholastic Achievement.