Our Team

Chris Burright

Director of Strategy

Chris believes that if you can truly understand the mechanics of a subject, you can solve any problem that may arise.  This same belief and a desire to understand the mechanics of the human mind led him to earn his bachelors in Psychology from the University of California, Davis, and go on to be a postgraduate researcher in Behavioral Psychology and Neuroscience.   


After research, he continued his interest in Human Behavior and Motivation by transitioning into marketing and advertising.  He has since designed innovative and successful digital and traditional media strategies for clients in a diverse spectrum of sectors, from education to artificial intelligence and Energy.  His expertise is in developing phased strategies that can be quickly deployed for immediate results, but allow for agility and further development as client goals and audience behaviors change.


Chris also loves the outdoors, and when he is not thinking about human behavior, he is studying the behavior of trout to become the best fly fisherman this side of the Mississippi.