Mark DePaul

Associate Account Executive

Mark started his marketing and communications career when he began using social media to share his lifestyle and promote fashion. Through his passions, he quickly became a social media influencer, growing a following that ultimately reached tens of thousands. As his following grew, he learned how to effectively communicate messages to specific audiences. Eager to enhance his communications and marketing skills, and being a self-starter, Mark earned certifications in Google Analytics and social media marketing.

Mark has an inquisitive mind and entrepreneurial outlook that drive his work across multiple digital platforms. That mindset paired with his creative thinking skills and attention to detail, are his greatest strengths that have enabled him to establish a foothold in digital marketing. Widening his aperture from fashion, Mark now looks to work with companies that represent a broad array of cultural and business directions. Previously, he worked with the Young Architect Workshop to create an engaging digital presence that promoted their youth architecture education.

When not in the office, Mark can be found scouting photo locations, keeping up to date with fashion trends and planning his next trip.