Public Relations DC


Are there really 10 Public Relations DC pros to every reporter?

Yes. Getting in the news is harder than ever.

With 10 Public Relations DC pros to every reporter, your agency budget can be spent quickly.  But our team can craft stories, messages, and angles that engage journalists, approach them in ways that drive coverage. It’s a marathon and not a sprint. It takes time, patience and persistence by us and by our clients. But Public Relations in Washington DC is hard work and it takes smart people to understand your complicated mission. But stand with us and you will see. The returns are there because the Proof team takes a multi-dimensional approach that combines experience with knowledge, delivering new thinking, creativity, and results.

Why Proof Strategies?

With a combination of highly experienced staff, in-house processes and advanced digital monitoring and assessment tools, Proof Strategies is equipped to guide clients through both the expected and unexpected. Our team brings decades of crisis-preparedness planning and crisis-management experience. In the social media age, organizations need to be prepared to act swiftly and confidently to protect their reputation.

Public Relations Deliverables

  • Outreach to key DC and national media
  • Opportunistic and ongoing media relations
  • Op-eds, contributed articles and bylines in key target media
  • Press conference announcement recommendations
  • Media and other collateral materials
  • PR results measurement and reporting