Video Marketing is King

Lisa Rothwell, Account Supervisor

The old saying goes “content is king.” Remember when simple posts with only words were sufficient for social media? They were all that was needed to spark a conversation or encourage an action. It took a few years, but pictures became the most important way to spur engagement with an audience. Memes, graphic images and infographics swept the internet, and became the most valuable way to garner attention and engagement. Today, video is King. It’s in your news feed on Facebook, your stream on Twitter and Instagram, under your thumb on SnapChat and a presence on every major website. It’s on your phone, tablet, TV as well as on your glasses and in your car.

Take a second and scroll through your Facebook feed. See how the videos automatically start playing without you prompting them? Now, how many posts did you see that only featured words. Not many, if you even saw one.

The unofficial motto of our digital team is, “Would you click on that?” That doesn’t mean we aim for “bait-click” leads, but it is a measurement of the value of a post. Today, producing content that you would click on begins and ends with video marketing.

As all major social media platforms and websites move towards the seamless integration of video it will soon be the minimum that must be featured on a post. Investing in your ability to produce video sooner rather than later will help propel your brand and marketing communications strategy to the front of people’s minds and social streams.

Is your company prepared to make the leap to video? It is important to take inventory of what you need to do in order to be successful.

  1. Budget: You don’t need $30,000 to produce an effective online video. Even with a relatively small budget, you can produce a video that is both engaging and informative. It might not go viral but it will get the job done with your targeted audience.
  2. Idea: You need an idea that is compelling, informative, and part of your overall marketing communications strategy. No one wants to watch a 7 minute video interview with your CEO unless a big idea is discussed. We recommend keeping videos to under 3 minutes in order to keep your audience’s attention, and only feature major topics that your audience will find interesting.
  3. Promotion: It is just as important to promote the video as it is to create it. A simple rule of thumb is to promote the video for the same amount of time as it took you to create it. If it took a month to make, then push it out for at least a month! It can’t be successful if no one sees it.

If you have questions or comments about video marketing leave them below or drop us a line!


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